Friday, January 6, 2017

Hello 2017!

It all started when my husband got me two new Le Creuset pans for Christmas. It reignited a love for cooking which lead to this amazing meal that I made. Some asked for the recipe so what seemed easiest was to share it on a blog page. 

There are actually three recipes that were used the first was the Braised Short Ribs from The Pioneer Woman you can find the recipe here. She literally calls it "heaven on a plate" and I would have to agree. 

In her recipe she pairs the braised short ribs with goat cheese polenta, we are not fans of goat cheese. Instead I found this Creamy Parmesan Cheese Polenta recipe from the Day Dream Kitchen that you can find here

Finally, the hubs gifted me two French ovens so I was able to make this delicious No-Knead Garlic Rosemary Bread from Flour On My Face, you can find the recipe here. has been chaotic and crazy. Maybe at some point I will have a moment to sit down and catch up on all the small stuff but currently there are four little feet that I am chasing around. 2016 was good to our family, we welcomed a second little boy. With a new member of the family everything shifted and life changed once again. 

Making Chocolate Chip cookies
We start 2017 with some new resolutions, we are going to try to make a different cookie recipe each week because my oldest loves to bake cookies. He is also totally in love with trains. 

Paper Heart Penguins

I'm making it a resolution as a mom to try to accomplish one new craft each week with the boys. This week we made these adorable Paper Heart Penguins from Crafty Morning

Here we are riding the train at the mall. Lots and lots of trains. 

Hoping that I can be more organized, more present and hopefully get more blogging accomplished. 


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