Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy Birthday Miles Hudson

Happy Birthday our sweet boy!! This year has gone by so quickly but looking back you have accomplished so much in such a little amount of time. We are just so blessed to have you as a part of our family. 

I didn't blog much before or after you were born. It was a big adjustment having two little boys to love. We welcomed you on Pi Day, 3-14-16, in the most serene and peaceful birth. You were just so precious, they laid you  on my chest and I looked at you and said "I love you so much, you look just like your daddy" and that was true because you are a miniature version of your father. 

You've done so many great things in your first year of life, made two trips to Disneyland, were the first to see the sunrise in the U.S.A., you've flown so much that you should have gotten frequent flyer miles, participated in your first race (even though you didn't move) and you started driving.  

You love watermelon, bananas, avocados and apples. You have the best laugh, love the water and you enjoy dancing. You are your big brother's shadow and you want to be everywhere he is. 

You say so many words, walked to early and you love to climb. Mom and Dad both say at numerous time "what are we going to do with this kid."

We are excited to celebrate your first birthday with family and friends at the end of the month with a fiesta!

Many blessings to you sweet Miles, we are looking forward to watching you grow. 

Love, Mom 

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