Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Santa Barbara Veteran's Half Marathon, 2015

This is my second time running the Santa Barbara Veteran's Half Marathon, my first time was back in 2012. This year was extra special because I was going with my Sister in Law who is also a veteran for the United States Army. 

When I signed up for all of these fall races, it was back in April and June when I wasn't pregnant. Now that I am halfway through my pregnancy there really isn't any running involved. 

But we had such a great time staying active at a pretty fast walking pace. We purposely started at the back and it was very different from the other races that we had run, we saw a totally different crowd, a service dog and his owners, a submarine navy veteran in a wheelchair and people walking in jeans. 

This was our second half marathon in six months, my sister in law and I previously did Disneyland's Tinkerbell Half Marathon in May. In that time, my amazing sister in law got married, moved into a new town and just recently finished her MBA. She is an active Army veteran and overall beautiful and amazing person. I was so blessed to be a part of this race with her. 

Afterwards, it was such a beautiful evening we were able to go out sailing to relax and watch the sunset. Just a beautiful weekend. 

Half Marathon #10
Official results:
Time: 3:37:10
Pace: 16:34
Division: 422
Overall: 2,232


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