Thursday, May 14, 2015

Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon, Mother's Day 2015

If you have followed me through my running journey, you know that I have had to start over many times. Persistence is my mantra now. This was my 9th Half Marathon, not my fastest but it didn't was my First Mother's Day, I was running through the happiest place on Earth and I was doing it with great friends.

This race entry was my deferred entry from last year, but since I was pregnant and did not have my doctor's blessing therefore had to move it to this year. Which was perfect timing for my Sister in Law, Jen. She was able to register so that we could do the race together. This was going to be her first half-marathon. She is amazing, she has been serving our country in the Army and she is tough. I just love her. Such an honor to run with her. 

This was my first race Post-Baby, which meant that training was NOTHING like it used to be. And honestly, my last actual training run before this race was on St. Patrick's Day, it was also my longest distance-a mere 5 miles. Life has changed, Lil' Man is my number one priority. He didn't like the running stroller for the longest time and it was tough to fit in runs with Hubby's work schedule. But even though I wasn't running I've been so active I knew that even if my legs gave out, my head and arms could pull me across that finish line (because toting a 20 lb. baby gave me SUPER woman upper body strength). 

But then race day came and not only was I blessed with my sister in law, but my friend Meagan (also her first half-marathon) was also running so we ended up having a small support group to tackle the next 13.1 miles together. 

So we started in the very last corral, the back forty, the nosebleeds...where we were playing tag with getting through the crowds. But we first went through Disneyland Park with a run down Main St. USA and then stopping for a quick photo in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. 

That led us around to Pirates of the Caribbean, where Jack Sparrow was talking to the crowd. I was able to get him in our photo. It was funny because I told him to smile for the photo and he replied "That's a cute little Mousy"!! 

So I was dressed like Minnie Mouse, Jen was Mrs. Incredible and Meagan was rocking the old school Mouskateer. We took turns in a car at Toon Town. I was acting like my hubby on our way to the park. 

Our last park was California Adventure where we stopped for a photo in front of the "Cars Land" sign. The first six miles are high adrenaline through the parks and very exciting. Then you get outside the parks and it is just great to be with friends so that you can have some company for those last miles that are quite grueling. 

And when we made our way through Downtown Disney my little Mother's Day gift was waiting for me. My lil'man was with Dad on the sidelines and it just melted my heart because he was so excited to see me. He is our blessing and we are so in love with him. 

We finished together, Jen and I. Meagan had some heat in those heels and finished ahead of us. Overall it was a fantastic race, I didn't run the entire race but kept up a consistent pace and I ran/walked at an even tempo. It was so much fun to run with amazing friends, being a part of their first half-marathon and it was AWESOME to run a half marathon on my first Mother's Day after having my son. Seriously, a memorable first Mother's Day. 

So that means that starting training yet again for the next race. Maybe the Star Wars Half? Something closer to home? Maybe another start for a 26.2? Next year will be my ten year running anniversary for my first race, I'd really like to go back and run my first race but maybe do the full? Who knows, it is so good to have goals and to be planning towards some more miles ahead. 

Official Results:
Time: 2:58:42
Pace: 13:21
Division: 1115/2054
Overall: 5997/11419


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