Sunday, May 31, 2015

Friday Five: Memorial Day, Records and Running

With things being so busy lately, it would seem that doing Friday Five will be every two weeks, I know this stinks but it is rather difficult finding the time to sit at the computer with everything we have had going on. But I am still going to keep it up, please join in the fun with Emmymom2 and her weekly linky party. 

5 Thoughts:

1. Things have been a little crazy, every weekend we have had something fun planned or we have been working around our home. We are finishing up our bar in the family room and I have been changing our plants to drought friendly succulents in the yard. 

2. We stayed home for Memorial Day, it is just to crazy to try to drive anywhere so we bbq'd and swam in the pool for the first time of the season. The temperature of the water was 85 degrees so it was perfect for lil'man. He absolutely loved being in the water. 

3. I've had some great scores lately at the flea market and we've been in a mood for records. We stopped by the local record store and they had two genre's that were rather funny, "Creepy Dudes" and "Glamorous Gals." I thought it was hilarious. 

4. Since running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon I have been adamant about getting out to run, so I am happy to report that we have been running at least three times a week for three weeks (Lil' man is doing so much better in the running stroller, he sleeps most of the trip). This would mean that I have gotten over the toughest hurdle of trying to get it established into my routine. Also signed up for a local 10k on the 4th of July. 

5. We are in full party mood preparation for Lil'man's upcoming FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! We are making a trip up north to visit family and friends so that they will be able to help celebrate this big occasion. He is getting so big and he has had four new teeth break through in the last two weeks. He is really getting to be a little man. 

5 Photos:
Our Delmonico Media Console and the "Creepy Dudes" section at the record store. 

First swim in the pool for the season over Memorial Day weekend. 

Racking in the miles with mom, I finally bought a new pair of running shoes. 

Photos by Emily Kathryn Photography.

I hope to post again in two weeks because this coming weekend I am traveling up to attend the Farm Chicks Show. 


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