Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday 5: Crazy Week Ending at 10 Months

It is that time again for Friday five, my five thoughts and five photos for the week. And this week started horrible and ended fantastic. Please join the fun at Emmymom2 with her linky party. 

5 Thoughts:

1. This was an awful start of the week. My husband was working nights and that meant that all schedules were messed up and exhaustion. So the first few days are a haze and left me feeling like a zombie. It was amplified because lil' man was cutting two more teeth. Poor guy is getting his top two front teeth. 

2. Creatively this week was an all around WIN! I finished lots of projects this week, including a skirt and a pet bed for the dining room for my princess, Meja. There was a time when I made a ton of these suitcase pet beds, until a someone bought the patent and monopolized Etsy. *sigh* 

3. Our weekly trip to the flea market was a success, I scored my first Jadeite mug and an awesome globe. 

4. Next week is going to be nuts! We have family visiting, we are going to be going to Disneyland for the weekend, it is going to be my first Mother's Day and my sister in law and I will be participating in the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. I am no where ready for this race, so participating is the word I am using because there is no way I will be running it. Alas, there are some things that I just can't is difficult to try to accomplish everything. It is really hard because it kills me that I can't run like I used to. It is just trying to find a good balance, but I am a work in progress. 

5. Our new photos are posted of Lil'man for 10 months. Mariner May because my family are HUGE Seattle Mariner fans. I can't believe he is already 10 months, he is getting to be so big and tall. He is so close to walking and he is into everything. It is just so sweet to see his little mind discover new things. We just love him. 

5 Photos:
Clearly I started my week in a daze, I couldn't even write my planner correctly. 

My first jadeite mug and some great finds from the flea market. 

My princess in her suitcase pet bed. 
My skirt that I made for the week with my new shoes. Thanks to the hubby for taking the photo. *I was having a bad hair day. 
Lord help us, he can almost reach the door knobs!

Our little Mariner Moose, he sure makes Grandpa Dennis proud when he wears his Mariner gear.
Photo by: Emily Kathryn Photography

Okay, here is to another week. Next week will be missed and I will catch everyone up after our Disneyland Weekend.

Wishing everyone a wonderful beginning of May.


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