Saturday, May 16, 2015

Friday Five: Comic Book, May The Fourth, Disneyland and Rain

Bear with me, this is two weeks of news, however, it has been an AMAZING two weeks!! So much awesomeness to tell you about. Make sure you join the fun and link up to Emmymom2 for Friday Five. 

Five Thoughts:

1. Sailing season has started so the hubby races with his team and boat on Wednesday evenings for shorter races and Saturday's for longer races. That leaves lil'man and me to do stuff on our own. The beginning of the month I found out about Free Comic Book Day, so we went down to the local comic book store to get him his first comic. It was crazy, a line to get in, people dressed up in costumes and we even got to meet a comic book writer, Eric Powell, he writes the comics "The Goon" and "Big Trouble in Little China." I was totally one of those Mom's who asked if I could take a photo of them together which I am so glad I did. 

2. May the Fourth is really a holiday in our family. This year I really got into celebrating so I made myself a Star Wars skirt and Lil' Man already had a R2D2 outfit. Actually it was so much fun, I think next year it is just going to be even better. (It is so much more fun to celebrate Star Wars than Valentine's Day!)

3. Mother's Day weekend we went to Disneyland with family. This was Lil'man's first visit and it was so much fun. I probably will do a special post for our visit but I'm just going to tease that Lil' man absolutely loved the full length mirror in the hotel. It was hilarious. 

4. I ran the Tinkerbell Half Marathon for the third time, see previous post. Which has really inspired me to run more often and sign up for another race.

5. It rained here in Southern California, it was so much rain all at once that Lil'man just sat at the window and just watched it come down. He is old enough to see the rain, I'm not sure if I want to cry or be happy about that. 

Five Photos: 

Eric Powell, Comic Book Writer on Free Comic Book Day

 Slide show of my lil'man and I, trying to show my Star Wars Skirt

R2D2 and his life size Chewbacca. Thanks Uncle Dan!

The most magical place on earth!
 He just loved talking to the baby in the mirror, he even gives him a kiss. 
Wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead. Until next time...


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