Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Christmas Trees on Cars

'Tis the season for some Christmas Trees on cars. I can't help but think of Clark Griswold on Christmas Vacation, when they trek all the way out there and he doesn't have a saw. 

This year I am part of the "Christmas Trees on Cars" Blog Hop. Please check out the other amazing projects, because these projects are inspiring and just adorable!

This was something that I really wanted to create for my Christmas Card. My 16 month old just loves to scoot himself around in the Little Tike's cars at the local play gym. I wanted to create a Christmas card with him in the car and add a tree to the top. 

So my husband scored a Little Tikes toddler car on Craigslist for $15.00! I wanted a vintage car look, so I opted for Green body, Cocoa Bean top and black wheels and steering wheel. The paint was purchased at Lowe's, Valspar Paint for Plastic ($5.44 a can). 

It took two cans of green for the body, two cans of the Cocoa Bean for the top (if you are a spray paint pro you could probably get away with one) and one can of black for the steering wheel and wheels.  

Recommend spraying the body first, I taped off the the top with newspaper and painters tape (used both 1/2"inch width and 2" inch width). This process took a few days because I would spray one color, let it set and then re-tape for the second color. If you are really thorough during the painting process, touch up later on isn't necessary, if any touch up it is on the body.

Finding a tree for the top was a little bit of a treasure hunt, it was difficult to find a tree that didn't have a black plastic bottom. This cute "Charlie Brown" style tree was found at Michael's. 

The car is complete, I hope to show you our photos from our Christmas Card photo shoot soon. We are going on November 12 with Emily Kathryn Photography, so I hope to update to show the final photo. 

*Update* Just got back from photos today and Emily was kind enough to send me a few so that I could share the final project with you. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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