Sunday, November 11, 2012

Santa Barbara International Half Marathon

Signed up last minute for the Santa Barbara International Half Marathon. Having to run 14 miles for marathon training, what better way to run the miles with thousands of people?

Mr. KofColors is away on the east coast helping with Hurricane Sandy recovery, so this was my first race running alone. No one to take photos or follow me with water and gel. 

The bibs on the fridge are from this year alone. 

So a $5.00 disposable camera, ribbon and a hot glue gun and I  am going to be my own photographer. Yes-running and taking photos. 

People asked "why not use your iPhone?" Well, these photos were taken in motion, I didn't want to drop my phone and lose all photos and contacts. Plus, not knowing how the photos were going to turn out was half the excitement. 

Start was chilly, I wore my camera around my neck and kept it under my shirt so that it wouldn't bounce around so much. 

It really took some getting used to..pulling out the camera-snapping a photo then putting it back under my shirt. Other runners were looking at me funny, but I am sure they don't have such "sweet" photos like this. 

There were times when I should have taken photos, like the girl handing out doughnuts to racers. You should have seen the people that were munching on maple bars while running. 

Okay, I got a little creative and tried to hold my hand up to show which mile I was at. 

 This has got to be the best sign I have ever seen running.


The course was mostly on a bike/walking pathway, the colors and scenery was absolutely beautiful. 

 Funniest thing is, the race is all up to me. I am the one running, who did the training, the one who has to get to the finish. But it is so nice to have support from others, even if it is complete strangers. 

I get to this point and I cannot wait for a cup of coffee and some carbs. Bread of any kind sounds delicious right now. 

This hill was awful and I didn't want to strain myself so I walked parts of it. Consider this a "smart" running choice.

"Don't Poop Out", these three were AWESOME!!

Seeing the ocean was just amazing, it was so serene and beautiful. These photos do not give it justice.  

Since the race was so close to Veteran's day. The last 1000 yards were lined with American flags. They handed all the runners small flags to carry to the finish line. 

What made it so special was all of the men and women in uniform that were cheering on runners at the finish line. It was amazing. 

Okay, finish line was hard. Mr. KofColors wasn't there and nobody to share the excitement with. He will just have to be home for the next race in December. 

This was my 6th Half Marathon. Not my fastest but it was more fun than anything else-just taking all the photos. 

Official Results:
Time: 2:08:08
Pace: 9:47
Overall: 1,604/3,529
Division 289/663

60 days until Disney World Marathon and next month will be  Oxnard's Santa to the Sea Half Marathon. 


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