Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Laundry Basket Dresser/Organizer

Do you have laundry baskets scattered around your bedroom holding both clean and dirty clothes?

Maybe just us?

But my husband (Lance) has this horrible habit where he throws everything into one basket. Leaving me washing clean clothes again and him constantly going "Where is that shirt?"

I found the plans to make this amazing Laundry Basket Dresser from You can get the plans HERE. And asked my talented hubby to make me this great Organizer/dresser for our bedroom.  

He reminds me so much of my father when he builds stuff. 
I just love him. 

I bought all new matching laundry baskets. 
He wanted to stain it this dark color to match our bedroom set.  

I took photos here and there while he was working on this. 

Don't stay in the garage for too long when he is working on stuff, sometimes I am too critical because I was raised with a father who built furniture and was/is a perfectionist. 

But Lance did an amazing job. He does remind me of my dad especially when the garage smells like wood and he is listening to Sammy Hagar. *ahhh childhood memories. 

So blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is so handsome and handy!

I will be entering this project at TheCSIproject for there Organizing Challenge. 

And it was a

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