Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Five: Spring, Standing and Sushi

March is marching ahead and really moving fast. Another installment of Friday Five, join the fun with Emmymom2. 

5 Thoughts:

1. The week started off horribly with the stupid time change. I HATE the time change, what made it worse was that we had been successful with lil' man being in the crib while sleeping all night. Double BONUS!! Until the time change and it has been a messed up week ever since. Literally felt like I was on a different planet for most of the week due to mixed up hours, lack of sleep and forgetting what day it was. 

2. Tuesday was a visit from lil'man's great grandmother. We call her Grandma Gigi. She visited with her man friend, they were going to the Reagan Library. She said she hates the California traffic but just loved the library. 

3. This week I stayed with my dinner planning, last week I was so successful with my grocery list that I didn't have to make any extra trips to the store. Today I have almost two weeks planned out, mostly because we have so much going on  at the end of this month. I was able to run too!!

4. So as I mentioned before, Lil'man has been sleeping through the night and we moved him to his crib successfully. Not only have I been getting better rest, but he has become so mobile that it was safer for him to be enclosed. He likes to pull himself up on things now to a standing position. This week I go in his room to find him standing in his crib but I had the mattress to high so he was slightly hanging over. Scared me to death!! So I've lowered the mattress. My mom told me that I used to climb out of the crib, maybe he will do the same. 

5. Totally surprised tonight to have my husband come home and then take me out to dinner. We went for sushi which is one of my favorites!!I haven't been in so long, I did have quite a bit when i was pregnant with lil'man, mostly veggie rolls and miso soup. So this time lil'man had some tofu for the first time and loved it!! He was such a ladies man at the restaurant, flirting with the girls at the table next to us. He was a delight the whole time and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. It was the best date ever!! 

5 photos:

Grandma GiGi

Lil'man's Retro Nursery

This is his face that means trouble, it is a new one and I was lucky to have caught it. 

How lucky am I to have a date night with these two!!

Lil' man standing up. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this week's Friday Five. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!


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