Sunday, March 22, 2015

Friday Five: Although I'm Two Days Behind

It has been a crazy week and Friday got here and so did a tooth!! So Friday afternoon was rough and the evening even worse but it is Sunday and I'm still going to make it in time for Friday Five Thoughts and Photos with Emmymom2. Make sure you join the fun in her weekly link party. 

5 Thoughts:

1. Week started off with a fun day at Mommy & Me class for St. Patrick's Day. All of the babies and Mom's wore green. Lil' man's favorite part is the parachute activities. I can't believe it has taken me this long to record it, but I finally did. He shakes he is so excited when the teacher pulls out the parachute. Too Cute!!

2. Wednesday we always go to the flea market to browse, get a burrito and see our friends. This week I found lots of goodies and we spent some extra time with Lil' man's buddy, Michael, they have a great time together. 

3. Thursday we made the trip to see Emily Kathryn Photography for Lil' man's 9 month photos. I can't wait to show everyone but we had an absolute blast!! Let's just say lil'man was pooped out from all the fun we had. 

4. Got a little bit of work done in my sewing room, it crazy how much I can accomplish in a small amount of time, even with the little one roaming around. He loves to pull himself up on anything and he loves to dump the trash cans. 

5. Friday rolled around and lil'man kept biting the spoon at mealtime which was weird and he was trying to chew on his bib which was something he had never done before. Well I investigated and I felt the top of a little tooth on the bottom of his mouth. No wonder he was cranky!! So all weekend he has been a drooling, chomping monster with one tooth. It is pretty cute. 

5 Photos:
Lil' man's new shades, very southern California. 

Mommy and Me with his girlfriend Kathryn. Her hair and cheeks are so adorable. 

Flea market finds and Lil'Man's buddy Michael. They have too much fun together. 

Having fun in my sewing room dumping over the trash can. I love his face. 

This is the video of Lil' Man under the parachute at  Mommy & Me. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead. 


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