Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Five: March Photos and Running

Welcome March!! Most of the country is freezing in snow and ice but here in southern California it was a blazing 83 degrees. The week flew by and it is time for Friday five thoughts and photos. Please join the fun with Emmymom2

5 Thoughts: 

1. March photos were sent out to immediate family. They were taken by Emily Kathryn Photography. This means that lil'man is now 8 months and I'm busy getting ready for his next photo shoot. Can't believe it but we are just three short months before he is going to be 1!!

2. This week was warm so rather than buying drinks I thought I would attempt sweet tea. It was delicious!! I made two gallons it was so good. If you are interested in the recipe, you can find it HERE

3. I am going to be a vendor in a box of goodies being sent out called The Mary Poppins Box, where everything included in the box is Mary Poppins related. I have quite a few to make before the end of March so I've been trying to work on them when I get a chance. 

4. Well it was another week of attempting to get lil'man to like the running stroller. A few times I just took him for a walk in the evenings and he seemed to be okay, no crying. Previously he hated it and would go into hysterics because he couldn't see me. Well tonight was a big step, I was able to run for all of my scheduled run, he enjoyed it and even slept a little bit. So now their are no more excuses, I have to get out and hit the pavement. 

5. Update, I was able to stick to my meal planning this week for two weeks in a row!! It was easier to get a grocery list together and next week is already planned. Another big step was doing a load of laundry each day and managing my time better meant I was able to list new items in my etsy shop!! WIN!!

5 Photos:
Lil' man looking like a little man. He is just so handsome. 

All of the sweet tea I made. 

Working on Mary Poppins crafts. 

All three of us on a walk, look closely and spot Meja, my dog. Lil'man did 5 miles this week. 

This is just a good Mom and lil'man selfie I scored with him smiling this week. 

Wishing everyone a very blessed weekend and those in SoCal stay cool!! 


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