Monday, May 6, 2013

Green Garden Chair

 Let's just say this was the best five dollars that I have ever spent. 

This chair has been featured once before last fall, Harvest Burlap Chair.  It went from white to brown and now it has become a green garden chair. 

I had recently taken a painting class from Barbara at The Painted Attic in Malibu, California. I learned some great techniques using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint. This chair was painted using the color Antibes Green.  

It started with an adorable idea on Pinterest, simply just putting an old hanging wire basket into the seat of an old chair and then planting the flowers of your choice. 

I had the old wire basket but didn't have the liner to keep the dirt in. Instead using an old remnant of brown burlap to create my own liner. 

Now I don't have a green thumb, at all! But this summer I have prepared myself a little bit by reading about gardening. 

Hoping this season is will not be a plant massacre...again. *Didn't kill the mint, it has grown back a total of 5 times. 


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