Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday's Treasures #2

 Well I had so much fun last week showing off my loot that this week was rather exciting taking photos of everything. 

And really there are some other bigger pieces that I bought but just wasn't ready to show off yet, mostly because I started painting them and will have to show you later. Such as a 1920's clothing drying rack and an old tool box. 

This week I hit the flea market with my Etsy friend Shannon. She has this cute store called JustSmashingDarling. It is so much fun shopping for fun stuff with her. One of my favorite things she picked up was this awesome Disneyland kids hat, see it HERE.

So back to the treasures, picked up this great book Teen Guide to Home-Making by Marion S. Barclay and Frances Champion (1961). 
This old textbook covers topics from "Entertaining and Being Entertained", "The Laundering Center", "Understanding Children", and my favorite "Getting Ready to Sew". 

Gosh, I learned how to set a table for punch or tea and how much bread you have to buy if you are preparing 100 sandwiches ( 4-3 lb. loaves (2 slices per sandwich)). 

And my big score for the week, this Star Wars Album. My younger brother is a huge Star Wars fan and he loves listening to vinyl. So I am excited to find such a great album in such great condition. It is the original score from 1977, two discs!

Other items bought included some trim, buttons, vintage fabric and two retro dresses. 

Until next week....


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