Saturday, January 6, 2018

November 2017

I know this is almost two months late but November and December were whirlwinds that just never let up. I'm just now sorting through photos, looking back and realizing that so much has happened.

We started November with birthdays, weather was cooler so lots of outdoor play and lots of running in anticipation for another half marathon in December (which was canceled but more on that later). Other big news was Miles was finally tall enough to ride the LA Steamers trains, we stretched him with tall sneakers but with him wearing his conductor overalls won everyone over. He loved it. 

We took a drive up the coast to spend the day at Jalama Beach with Uncle B. It was so beautiful and chilly but that didn't stop the boys from getting in the water and getting completely covered in sand. 

We can't stop on the power wheels, more upgrades but this time it was to the little four wheeler. Miles loves to help out when it comes to bringing out the tools and working on things. He was so focused on getting the Phillips screw driver into the screw. 

We had a lovely visit from Grandma Trudy and Grandpa Don this month. It was so much fun, we took them to the farm, the zoo, on a boat ride and I'm not certain but I think we rode at least ten different trains over the entire trip. We even had lunch in a train car, but sadly I didn't get any photos of that. 

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends. Lots of turkey and rum cake. We had so much food over the holiday. 

Photos by Emily Kathryn Photography

Next up is December...the shenanigans just didn't quit.

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