Sunday, January 7, 2018

December 2017

December came upon us quickly. It was going straight from Thanksgiving into the holiday month. We had a to-do list longer than a mile but everything seemed to change with the Thomas Fire and we threw all plans aside and had the most enjoyable holiday ever. 

We started the Christmas festivities with going to the train station to see the "Santa Train" visit. It was a steam locomotive that had Santa in the car behind. The boys absolutely loved the train. Everett had no desire to see Santa but he was all about meeting the conductor that looked exactly like Tom Hanks in Polar Express. He walked up to him and was telling him all about it. 

We explored some different options in getting a Christmas tree this year. We visited a Christmas Ranch Tree Farm in Thousand Oaks, the trees weren't very big and looked more like shrubs than trees. We ended up going to our tree vendor from last year to get our massive tree. We opted not for the Noble Fir but a tree that smelled amazing and had a lot less pine needles falling off. 

We also got to visit dad at work this month. Everett was in love with all the trucks, he was so excited to see dad and get to see what he does during the day. Miles was napping. 

The Thomas Fire tore through our community on December 4. It was very close to home ( 5 miles) but we were in the wrong direction from where the fire was moving. It ended up being the largest fire in California history. Hubs and Uncle B worked 20 days straight, up until Christmas Eve. A lot of the plans we had made, including a half marathon, were canceled because the community was staying strong and supporting those families that lost everything. 

School was canceled because of the fires and the horrible air quality so we stayed in and made some Christmas goodies. 

We did decorate our beautiful tree with just lights and ribbon. Invested in an O-Gauge Lionel train to go around the tree this year because the love of trains these boys have is fierce. They loved using the remote to move the train and watch it go around. 

Santa Paula Odd Fellows had their annual train display again this year. We visited twice, once when it opened and again with Grandpa and Grandma when they came to visit. 

Grandpa and Grandma came to visit just in time for Christmas. We had so much fun having them here but we also seemed to have passed around the germs. All of us ended up getting sick by New Years. 

Something special I worked on for the boys this year was making a "Polar Express" movie night, complete with cardboard trains, Polar Express blankets and toy trains. Miles sat in his train for the whole movie, Everett figured out he could move it and was having fun playing trains. 

Christmas Eve we had one of the best turkey dinners I've ever made. I'm not sure if it was the relaxed atmosphere or what- but it was tasty. Uncle B saw a mouse by the tree, so the guys got into full hunter mode to catch the mouse before Christmas Day. It was very reminiscent of Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. (The mouse didn't make it)

Grandma and Grandpa left back for the freezing north and the three of us got sick with the flu. Hubs seemed to escape the plague but had to be a nurse to all of us. We had a very quiet and relaxed New Year celebrating at 9 p.m. east coast time. Received kisses from two of my guys, drooled on by the baby. The perfect way to ring in 2018. 

We are a few days into January and we are slowly getting back into our routine. We are excited for what's to come in 2018, Miles will be turning 2 shortly and Everett will be turning 4. Time flies, especially when you are chasing two little guys around. 

Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year!


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