Friday, November 3, 2017

October Shenanigans

photo by Emily Kathryn Photography

October was a whirlwind, it was hot with lots of warm wind and lots of fun activities. Despite such unseasonal weather we sure kicked off our fall season with lots of fun. 

We started with a trip to the local splash pad. I have little fishes because they can't stay out of the water. We spent a lot of time outdoors with a new two person powerwheels and some homemade watermelon popsicles. 

I also ran my 12th half marathon in Spokane, Washington. A solo "Mom" weekend vacation was spent visiting my family, sleeping and running a very chilly and hilly 13.1 miles. It was so much fun. 

Everett has mastered riding a tricycle. He loves peddling around the pool but his preschool put on a Trike-A-Thon as a fundraiser. Parents were able to join in and watch all these little ones make laps around a "track".  He loved it, they even let him wave the checkered flag at the end. 

Miles is enjoying the one on one time with Mom and Dad while his brother is at school. He loves to climb on everything, we are reaching Ninja levels with the ways he gets to places. His love of trains is just as strong as Everett's. 

Uncle Dan visited us this month, we went to the zoo where we  were able to feed the giraffes. We also rode the train and the lion was sitting up on a rock so you could really see him this time (normally he is asleep, hiding in the grass).

We conquered a total of five pumpkin patches. We live in an area where there are so many to visit within a ten mile radius so we tried to get to them all. We missed one. The favorite pumpkin patch had seven different tractors that the boys could climb on, Uncle Dan was there so it was the best. 

We also decorated Halloween cookies with Uncle Dan and Dad. Vons grocery store had made fresh kits of frosting and sugar cookies so it was super easy and the boys had so much fun. Definitely doing this again next year. 

The boys dressed up for an event called Boo at the Zoo, they weren't really interested in trick or treating, they just wanted to ride the train. 

When Everett went to school for his Halloween party he chose to wear last years costume. It was a little tight but he made it work. He had a great day at school and he matched his teacher, she dressed as Buzz Lightyear. 

Miles didn't dress up for Halloween, but he loved his cat mask from Aunt Callie. 

Halloween Day we carved all the pumpkins we collected from all the pumpkin patches. Uncle Brandon helped us clean and carve, so we had a total of five. I forgot to buy candles for the pumpkins, so we improvised and used decorative Christmas candles and sparklers. Everett hates the inside of a pumpkin and totally avoided the cleaning and carving. Miles loved the pumpkin guts. When we got the sparklers out Miles hated them but Everett was totally hooked. 

Such a wonderful end to the month and we have already jumped into November. Lots more fun is in store with family visiting, Thanksgiving and getting ready for December. See you at the end of November. 


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