Sunday, October 1, 2017

Our September

I sat down to organize another blog and looking back realized I hadn't done a post since August 20. Where did September go? It went by incredibly fast and here we are into October. 

We started the month with Everett starting Preschool for the very first time. We had a rough first few weeks but he now absolutely loves to go. He has a train backpack that he loves to wear and he is enjoying the activities. 

We had some fun this month with a trip to Petsmart to check out all of the animals, the chinchilla was a favorite. Picked up an old CB radio and a sound board with lots of levers and knobs to put up in their fort/tree house. It was a huge hit, they spend lots of time up there talking and pressing buttons. Another fun toy was a flashlight, they cannot get enough of playing with the flashlights. 

We had one little tikes car but when Everett was at school we found a second car for Miles. He was so excited he drove it out of the store. The boys love making laps around the pool in their cars, it is toddler NASCAR. They love all vehicles, cars, planes, and especially trains. Another activity they love to do together is puzzles.

We are getting the backyard finished. We did so much work on it this year. We removed the large tree stumps and original tree house, we replaced the back fence and landscaped with new grass and bark. Lance built the boys the most beautiful swings with attached tree house and slide. It is so nice to be outside and just let the boys play, especially with the cooler temperatures. 

Boys are getting rougher and more playful with each other. Everett earned his first set of stitches this month when he fell and hit his head just right. Both boys were being monkeys and pulled down the curtains in their room when they were jumping on their beds (so we had to rearrange everything). Everett was gifted a tractor and trailer which he loves to drive around the yard. We ended the month with a turkey dinner with all the fixings so that we can waddle our way into October. 

Still running with the boys, pushing to be more exact. I signed up for a half marathon on Labor Day weekend, Ventura Hammer Half Marathon benefiting Habitat for Humanity, but Hubs had to work so I either had to run the race with the boys or not run at all. 

We had scorching temperatures that weekend so they started the race an hour earlier, when we finished it was 96 degrees with humidity. It wasn't easy, it was hard and hot but we did it. Boys did great! New scenery for Everett to look at so he enjoyed the views (It was a turn around course up to Casitas Springs). Miles slept the entire time. I wouldn't have been able to take them if I hadn't had done all my training with them, my body is used to pushing the 96 pounds (Everett+Miles+Stroller Weight). There were four strollers in the race, so I wasn't alone. Still keeping up with training, I've got two more races before the end of the year. 

Our October is really going to be busy with Pumpkin Patch, Halloween and Preschool. We haven't decided on costumes yet but we have time. Hopefully I can post more than just once. 


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