Sunday, August 20, 2017

End of Summer Shenanigans

It doesn't seem like it but nearly a month has gone by and I haven't updated my blog. Time flies when you are having so much fun. So I am going to close out the summer with this post as we start our back to school and fall season. (Pumpkin spice and Seattle Seahawk Football season)

We had so much fun outside playing in the backyard and in the swimming pool. The boys love to go on bike rides with Dad. We even did an evening of night swimming with glow sticks and a pool strobe light that Grandma Diane sent. 

Boys also loved helping me bake, watching movies and going to the beach. Taking them to the beach is really a lot of work and is a two person job, but they absolutely love the waves and playing in the sand. We actually went to the beach a few times but I am really to busy chasing the boys to take any photos. I don't want to lose my phone in the ocean anyways.

We took numerous trips to Travel Town Museum in Burbank to see all of the trains. Everett still loves everything about trains and it wears him out to run in-between all of the huge locomotives. 

We had a big trip to Seattle, Washington to see the the Mariners retire Edgar Martinez's number (#11) with Grandma Diane, Grandpa Dennis and Uncle Daniel. We saw the baseball game, went to the Seattle Aquarium, Point Defiance Zoo and we rode on the huge Seattle Great Wheel. 

This weekend we went to the Camarillo Air Show. The boys absolutely loved it, they had so many planes that you could see and tour. They had an air show that was easy to see. It was so wonderful, we hope to go again next year. I only have a ton of photos of the boys from behind because they were on the move to see everything. 

And finally we are still on the move with running. The boys get in the stroller now before I'm even ready to go running. The are definitely a great motivation to get out and go. Miles loves to catch his morning nap on the runs. We logged nearly 70 miles for the month of July. 

This was a great way to end our summer. School starts Monday and hopefully some cooler weather. I'm ready for pumpkin spice, turkey, apple cider and SEAHAWKS FOOTBALL!


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