Saturday, July 22, 2017

More Trains and Summer Fun

Another fun filled weeks of summer. We just can't get enough of trains, we try to beat the heat by swimming and we are having lots of fun outdoors. 

We found out about L.A. Train Fest at Union Station. So Dad and Everett took the Amtrak down, while Miles and Mom drove down to meet them. It was nearly 100 degrees and there wasn't a lot of trains but the boys loved the huge steam locomotive. Everett just loved riding the train down. 

It has been very hot and humid so we try to stay cool by swimming as much as we can in the pool. Even Audrey loves jumping in with us.  

It was so hot one day, Miles kept getting into the cooler for ice chips. And then he fell back in his life jacket and couldn't roll over to get up. Swimming is followed by popsicles. We go through a lot of popsicles. 

We also had another beach day, Mom has been running a lot more and the boys love going with in the stroller. Miles was helping with meal planning and choosing meals. Everett is such a good big brother pulling his brother around in the wagon. 

And I was finally successful at making some delicious dinner rolls. Many attempts with different recipes and techniques but I think what helps most in making the perfect roll is all that time spent rolling play doh for the boys. Paired perfect with a pot roast. 

Just wanted to leave you with this handsome guy having morning coffee with me. He's just the sweetest. 


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