Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday Five: Mommy, Kisses and Malibu

Gosh, what happened to April? Seems to have gone by so quickly and we are coming upon May. Running a little behind but made it just in time, join Emmymom2's fun linky party Friday Five

5 Thoughts:

1. I finished my vintage pocket skirt. In the previous week I had purchased the pattern and some fun Cotton&Steel fabric. Well I finished the project and was able to wear it out to lunch. It was so comfy and easy to move in and around. Already made a second skirt and hope to make more. 

2. My sewing room was starting to really be a huge mess, almost near hoarder status. I finally kicked my bottom in gear and started finishing a ton of started projects. There was tons of small pieces of fabric that really couldn't be clothing or aprons so I made a ton of bags out of them and listed them in my etsy shop. So I have cleared so much space and that lead to a better organized room. I've since made a dress and some skirts for my mom. If you are looking for a good tote, please check out my shop,

3. Lil' man is totally loving finger food. He just sits and feeds himself. He has also mastered a tippy cup with a straw. He also loves to wave to people. It is so cute!! This week I went to the salon, which I always bring him along. He loves the ladies and absolutely loves the attention from everyone (especially kisses). 

4. I participated in a handmade swap called #maythe4thswap in anticipation for a Star Wars holiday, May the Fourth. Well I finished up my package and sent it to my recipient. It was so inspiring that a lot of projects came out of it and I hope to share later some of the things I created. It really is a fun holiday to celebrate, it just may become a tradition. 

5. The hubby took a short vacation this weekend for a beer event, he attended Dark Lord Day in Illinois. We took him to the airport but where able to stop at Paradise Cove in Malibu. It is one of our favorite places to visit (we actually discovered it on our honeymoon.) Well it was lil'man's first visit and he seemed to enjoy it. 

5 Photos:

My skirt that I made on the left, Lil'man and me on our way to Mommy and Me class. 

Selection of tote bags available in my etsy shop. 

Yes, he loved the kisses.
Finger foods are so fun to eat and then he is in a food coma. Notice his high chair? It is from the early 1950s. 

My handsome loves. I am so blessed.

Wishing everyone a fantastic week!!


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