Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Five: Flea Market Scores, Star Wars and a Cutie Pie

Another week has flown by and I haven't gotten much blogging done but lots completed in my home and items listed in my Etsy shop so it was a success! Please share your week with Emmymom2 and her linky party HERE

5 Thoughts:

1. We started the week by going the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market. It is HUGE!!! It was warm but we had a blast. Lil' man did fantastic. Afterwards I had time to go to Sew L.A. to pick up two patterns that were on my "wish list". 

2. My local flea market is on Wednesday, it is next to the beach/ocean and probably one of the most beautiful places and it was such lovely weather this week (Plus we have great friends we like to see there.) Well this guy had all these dishes on the ground at his spot, I spotted this Jadeite canister and went over really nonchalant and uninterested and asked him how much he wanted....he said $5.00. SOLD!! Seriously, it was an original 1930s McKee Jadeite Coffee Canister worth well over $50.00 and perfect for my collection. This doesn't happen all the time so it feels like you are seeing a unicorn or spotting Sasquatch. 

3. I haven't been blogging much because I have been completing so many projects that have been piled up in my sewing room. There is more space and more projects being finished. Slowly but surely I have been photographing what is finished and listing them on my Etsy shop. It is also allowing me to make some new pieces of clothing for myself. 

4. The second Star Wars trailer was released for the new movie this week. It is so awesome, I literally cried tears of excitement. And to add to the excitement, I am participating in a #maythefourth swap so I have been creating lots of Star Wars themed goodies. The force is strong over here lately. Make sure you see the trailer *the end is my favorite! PREDICTION: Next main Jedi character is going to be a girl!

5.  Finally, Lil' man is growing like a weed. We were able to go to his recent check up and he is tall! Like 95 percentile tall!! He is getting to be so fast, feeding himself and being so "helpful" around the house. 

5 Photos: 
Rose Bowl Flea Market and Sew L.A. 

R2D2, Star Wars pouch and an awesome puzzle I picked up at Pasadena. 

My jadeite Score!!

Finished Vintage Bag, hope to list it this week. 

Lil' Man

See you next week!


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