Friday, February 10, 2012

Pinned #5: "Give Me MOOR" ModCloth Knock Off Dress

Both the Dress and the Boat are made by Cunningham's.

Give Me Moor Dress from ModCloth
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Sticking to my New Year's resolution with creating one "Pin" a week. 

Down at the docks of Ventura Harbor
Created a second dress this week. Last week was the Anthro-Knock Off Grass Court Dress. This week I made my version of ModCloth's "Give Me More Dress" a pin that can be found on my new pinboard: Amanda's Dream Closet

Keeping a retro feel to the dress I used a pattern from Vintage Vogue V2902

Anchor Linen fabric from JoAnn's for $5.00 yard.
I used some great navy blue linen with embroidered anchors. It was in the red tag fabrics at JoAnn's and scored it for $5.00 a yard. 

Dana, at the Craftyminx was a huge inspiration when I followed her make her birthday dress, she made Butterick B5605 using Horse Hair Braid in the hem to make the skirt look full. Her dress was so adorable and I wanted to create the same effect with my dress. 

So the REAL 
I made 
this dress...
My husband decided to build a boat. 

He is the most amazing man and I am so lucky to have married him. He researched and found everything online. After a few trips to lumber yards, hardware stores and specialty shops...he began living in the garage. Since he was working on the boat,it would be great to make a dress to match.

He finished the boat this week and we christened it "Andele Meja" (*Note: We should say Nina, but "we" spell it Meja)

Taking the boat out in the harbor. 
I am so proud of my hubby and so excited for this dress. This will be my submission for the sewing contest:

Wish me luck! I just love sewing and it would be just fantastic if I could be a part of the competition.
Let me know if you have any questions. 


  1. That dress is so cute! I love the style. Thanks for sharing it and good luck.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. You totally made my day!

  2. Holy Cow, you are rocking the dresses Amanda!! I love this one - the little anchor print and the red belt are just darling!
    I love the green dress from last week too - it was so so pretty!! I reallly want one! And I have a little hint - it's going to be featured tomorrow in the Think Pink Sunday post!!

    1. Oh WOW! Bev, thank you so much! I wouldn't have found the Green dress if you didn't "pin" it. Thank you so much for commenting, it is such an honor to be featured on your blog. :-)

  3. So adorable! Nice to see the younger generation loves old things like dresses

  4. Beautiful dress! I clicked over from Sew-vivor at familyeverafter when I saw your link. Great job. (I have one of those husbands too, only he decided to build a guitar....or 20 LOL)