Friday, February 10, 2012

Pinned #5: "Give Me MOOR" ModCloth Knock Off Dress

Both the Dress and the Boat are made by Cunningham's.

Give Me Moor Dress from ModCloth
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Sticking to my New Year's resolution with creating one "Pin" a week. 

Down at the docks of Ventura Harbor
Created a second dress this week. Last week was the Anthro-Knock Off Grass Court Dress. This week I made my version of ModCloth's "Give Me More Dress" a pin that can be found on my new pinboard: Amanda's Dream Closet

Keeping a retro feel to the dress I used a pattern from Vintage Vogue V2902

Anchor Linen fabric from JoAnn's for $5.00 yard.
I used some great navy blue linen with embroidered anchors. It was in the red tag fabrics at JoAnn's and scored it for $5.00 a yard. 

Dana, at the Craftyminx was a huge inspiration when I followed her make her birthday dress, she made Butterick B5605 using Horse Hair Braid in the hem to make the skirt look full. Her dress was so adorable and I wanted to create the same effect with my dress. 

So the REAL 
I made 
this dress...
My husband decided to build a boat. 

He is the most amazing man and I am so lucky to have married him. He researched and found everything online. After a few trips to lumber yards, hardware stores and specialty shops...he began living in the garage. Since he was working on the boat,it would be great to make a dress to match.

He finished the boat this week and we christened it "Andele Meja" (*Note: We should say Nina, but "we" spell it Meja)

Taking the boat out in the harbor. 
I am so proud of my hubby and so excited for this dress. This will be my submission for the sewing contest:

Wish me luck! I just love sewing and it would be just fantastic if I could be a part of the competition.
Let me know if you have any questions.