Monday, April 25, 2011

Copy Cat Grab Bags

I am notorious for saving magazines into large piles until I feel the need to go through each one and tear out the projects that seem to call out to me. This "Grab Bag" was one that I tore out of a Quilts and More Winter 2006. But silly me, I didn't pull out the needed bag Pattern sheet. GRrrrr...

snip, snip, cutting out the bag
 No worries, thank goodness we have this thing called the internet because it chronicles everything. Grab Bag is designed by Bonnie Kozowski and she pulled me in with her cute grab bags using vintage 1930's fabric. Tonight was the night I was going to attempt it. Using some neat fabric and canvas I started....

Cutting out the liner

They give more in depth instructions for the pockets...I just winged it and made my own to my liking. 

Sew the front and back together

Right sides together sew front and back together with lining.

DON'T FORGET to leave a hole in the lining for turning right side out. 

Turning right side out :-)

Sewing the circles for the bag. I am really trying to take pictures of this whole this point I forget I am taking pictures and get a cup of coffee and a cookie and then AH HELL!  I am supposed to take pictures. 

Looking good...

Final product..I added a vintage brooch that matched the fabric.  Don't mind my messy workspace in the background. Organized people are to lazy to look for things.

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  1. Hi! I saw your comment on Flamingo Toe's silverware starburst and came to check you out. I love, love, love this! And your silverware chimes. I think I could go crazy making those and hanging them everywhere. :-)