Thursday, April 21, 2011

Before and After Vintage Rocking Chair

This little rocking chair has traveled some miles in its lifespan. I purchased this little gem in Lake Havasu City, Arizona over a year ago and when we moved to California it made the move with us. It spoke to me on the sidewalk in front of an antique shop for many weeks on my way home from school. Finally I just stopped by and asked how much it was...$15.00. SOLD!

Original fabric
 Well it is HOT in Lake Havasu so it wasn't like I could just get started in the garage....the garage temperature is normally 100*+. So she just had to wait.

We moved to California and so she sat in garage for awhile again. Thought I was going to donate her...but gave her a second chance.

The chair had two layers, someone had already recovered the chair with the red rug, peeling that layer off I was surprised to find the beat up and smelly original fabric.

Pulling that layer off I found that there was this layer of old printed plaster stuff (wasn't newspaper and felt like a plastic). The date reads August 30, 1936 Real Estate News. So I am guessing this chair was from around that time. In this Real Estate news you could buy a three bedroom and two bath home close to catholic schools for $5,500.

This is a close up of the newspaper stamped on to this plastic stuff...

 Ready for the big surprise! Wouldn't be a great find if it didn't have some weird connection to me in some way.

This chair was made in North Coast Chair Company in Seattle, Washington. And it was made for Samm Bros. Furniture in Moscow, Idaho.

Small WORLD!

This chair was made in Seattle, WA made the trip to Moscow, ID and then I bought it in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Lance, my husband, did his apprenticeship in Seattle, Washington and I went to school at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho and we both lived in Lake Havasu City, Arizona and now we own it.

I know I am reaching out there but truly we have things in common in so many ways.

You could say I am a huge geek, however, at least I am a handy one!
Finished Chair, distressed paint and new fabric

This is how I lost my thumb nail again...putting these cute decorative nails on. 

Finished product...couldn't be happier. 

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  1. Amanda,
    my husbands grandfather, Harold B Gledhill and his brother Les were the owners of the North Coast Chair Company in Seattle from 1928! I just went online to see if I could find any interesting info about the company and I found your posting. I have a great photo of Harold making a chair if you are interested. my email is Beth Gledhill