Monday, May 19, 2014

May Update: Mom comes to Visit, The Getty Villa, Planting Flowers and More

It seems like with all the craziness, after moving and trying to get settled in...we realized that our baby is going to be here a lot faster than we realized. With so much to do, my mom came for a visit while Mr. KofColors left for Chicago so that we could get some baby stuff ready. 
The Getty Villa

When we took Mr. KofColors to the airport early in the morning, it gave me an opportunity to take my mom to one of my favorite places. The Getty Villa in Malibu, California. 

See my previous visit, HERE

If you ever get a chance to go, it is worth it. The admission is free, the headset to listen to the audio tour is free, the cost is having to pay for parking and lunch (They have an amazing restaurant that is worth it!).

My best advice when going, try to get the earliest reservation. Why? Because the best part is the outdoor gardens and if you arrive first, beeline for the gardens where you can get photos without other guests photo bombing the beauty.

My mom loves to garden and loves plants so she was just in awe of the beauty of the flowers and greenery and the gorgeous water features. 

You can tell who they get the treats from. She has shadows when she is in the kitchen for a reason. 
Mom really came to help with unpacking the last of the boxes, helping me get the nursery finished and making some freezer meals for after our baby's arrival. (Let's be honest, she comes to see her grand-dogs too!)

My mom single-handedly filled our freezer with dinners. I wish I could say I was more help, really I was more support. My mom is really awesome!

Previous posts I've told you that I have a "GREY THUMB". I literally kill everything. But Mom keeps trying to get me to grow plants, this time she may have convinced me that I can do it or now that I have such huge flower boxes I need to step up my garden game. 

My favorite place is a fabric store, my mom's favorite place is the garden center. I love taking her to buy plants. She helped me pick out everything and has since reminded me to water. Currently...all plants are still living and actually thriving. 

Girls couldn't roam when we were planting in the front, they still sat and watched. 
We did get some crafting done while she was here, I showed her how to stamp silverware into plant stakes. 

We were able to stamp at least three spoons. Clearly you can see how much my "girls" just love being with Grandma. I know, it's pathetic how spoiled they are. 

I did show my mom how to create some succulent gardens. It was one of the classes I participated in during Craftication Conference, last month. We potted 5 different planters and the largest one we turned into a fairy garden. 

Two of my stamped spoons are in the boat and the teapot. Currently,I haven't killed any succulents too!! What can I say I am on a roll. 

Overall, it was a very productive weekend. Mr.KofColors came home and Mom was able to go with us to an ultrasound appointment before she left. This will be her first grand baby and she will become a Grandma to a human baby. So much excitement going on. 

Promise to have more posts in the future. 


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