Thursday, January 2, 2014

We Brought Something Special Back from Paris...

A baby is on its way! Two tiny hands, two tiny feet…an adorable baby we can't wait to meet. 
Our little firecracker!

Guess I didn't claim something extra when I went through customs when coming back into the states. 

This came as a total shock to my husband and I. After losing our first pregnancy back in 2012, it was a very traumatizing experience and I lost a fallopian tube. Conception chances were cut in half, we tried for a year and the doctor told me that surgery was needed if we really wanted to conceive.

I didn't want to go back into surgery and we decided that we would leave it up to God, if it was meant to be, it would happen when it was supposed to. 

We are in Italy, the night before we found out. We had no idea what was going to hit us the next day. 
So in the midst of our European vacation, we were not expecting anything. We were in Italy, it was my 30th birthday and I realized that I was late. One pregnancy test later and two pink lines gave us the shock of a lifetime. That will always be a big moment, when we found out together. 

Happy 30th Birthday! You are on the trip of a lifetime and you're Pregnant!

It was starting my 30s with a bang!! 

Now, majority of women would be excited and gushing with happiness at the news and the thought of carrying a child. With the previous pregnancy, I wasn't excited rather scared to death. When you lose a pregnancy, it is a fine line of trying to be excited but at the same time being realistic that this pregnancy might not go to full term. So I just became anxious, nervous and timid. 

We got back to the states at around midnight and the following day I was at the doctor by 9 a.m. for blood work and an ultrasound. 

And we had the good news that the pregnancy was where it was supposed to be and it was a little peanut. We were expecting!!

When we first found out we told our parents right away. I was very hesitant to let out the news to everyone until I reached 12 weeks. 

It was so cute, I was face timing with my parents when I said "We got you something in Paris but it won't arrive until July" my dad just grinned and my mom cried. 

Growing up "baseball" my dad's first comment was that he hoped it would be a "left-hander". 

My brother was grossed out that it is now confirmed that I have sex. (He's such a weirdo). 

And my husband's family was equally as excited. 

I've sent out announcement postcards to close family and friends now that I am through my first trimester. We are ready to tell everyone!!!

So let me answer all of those frequently asked questions:
When are you due? 
July 7th, 2014

Was this planned?
Yes we wanted a baby, didn't plan on it happening during vacation.

Do you know what it is?
Well so far it looks somewhat human, kinda like an alien but there is still time. 

Will we find out whether it is a boy or girl? 
We have chosen to be surprised at birth. Yes, I am okay with gender neutral baby clothes and nursery. 

What do you want?
A healthy human being. 

Do you have names picked out?
If it is a girl Mona Lisa, if it is a boy Luke Skywalker. Lance didn't like Katniss Everdeen...

We won't pick a name until it's born, we are going "old school" style. 

Are you scared or excited?
Both, but sometimes I tell people that I miss drinking just to see what their face looks like. 

Are you still with the father?
Yes, I am still with the father. No, I won't be on Maury.  

How is your morning sickness?
When we got back from Europe I caught a nasty cold/cough. It wasn't pregnancy related but it seemed like I had it forever because I couldn't take normal cold medication. I was coughing so hard it was making me puke, not considered morning sickness. When I got over the cough the regular pregnancy symptoms came and the all-around feeling miserable continued. 

Lots of people's first reaction has been "how are you feeling?"  my response is "great" considering I have a baby growing in my belly. 

Overall, this has been exciting. I've purchased a ton of vintage 1950s maternity patterns to start making myself some cute retro maternity clothing. We take this day by day and enjoy all the small moments.

Just excited for this little blessing. 

With this announcement, 2014 will bring new postings about baby updates and baby projects. 

Excited for what 2014 holds!


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