Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sleep Over Pillow Tutorial for Sidney's 8th Birthday

Sidney is turning 8!

My best friend Amy 's son, Sidney, was having his 8th Birthday at the bowling alley. He is part of the local kids bowling league and he just loves to bowl. 

His birthday party was on St. Patrick's Day!
 What do get a boy who seems to have everything?

So venturing out of my girl bubble, and sticking with a bowling theme, I came up with a Sleep Over Pillow as a gift for Sidney. 

 I used one yard of bowling fabric. I cut it into a 26 1/2" x 41" rectangle. *Save the extra piece for the handle later. 
So I had some extra red fabric, but if you are purchasing coordinating fabric for the end, it would be 1/3 yard. Cut that into a 10"x41" strip. Take that strip and fold it in half, press. 
With the right sides together, sew the red folded strip onto the one of the longest sides of the pillowcase. 
Using some extra cream and red, I made a pocket that would fit his name. Cutting the letters and appliqueing them to the pocket before I attach to the outside of the pillowcase. 
You can use buttons, but I decided to use a zipper so that the contents would be secure. 
Using that extra piece of bowling fabric, I cut a strip of 2"x 41" to make a handle for the pillowcase. 
Ta da!! Your finished Sleep Over Pillow. 
Sidney finding the goodies inside. 
Sidney really enjoyed his gift. Inside the pocket was a birthday card, movie, popcorn and Red Vines Licorice, sleep over essentials.

Sidney helping his sister Samantha bowl. 
Samantha trying to bowl. 
Bowling Candies! Too Cute!

Amy's adorable family. 

It was a great birthday party and it was so much fun.
Any questions about the pillowcase, please contact me. I would love to help.  
Happy Birthday Sidney!

Baby Leprechaun and me :-)