Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinned #6: Baby Bibs and Tag Blanket

My Pinterest Stats for Week 6
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I am really falling behind on my New Year's Resolution. But, alas, it isn't the end of the year yet and I still have plenty of time for redemption and lots of weeks of "Pinned" projects. 

Tag blanket for Malik. 
This week I have attempted LOTS of bibs and blankets. My dear friend has LOTS of babies and what better way to be a friend then to make her little ones bibs and tag blankets. 
Taggy Blanket from
Best Tag Blanket Tutorial and PIN on my "Baby Stuff" pinboard is from Melissa at You can find it HERE. Her instructions made it so easy and I found the cutest material to create my own. 
Baby Khloe's Tag Blanket
Using a variety of ribbons and on the flannel side, I appliqued the name in coordinating fabric. 
Layer, sew and flip to right sides. Voila! Your finished. 

Next project was the bib. I found two really amazing and easy bib tutorials that worked the best. Both are PINNED on my "Baby Stuff" pinboard. 

First bib was from called Liberty Bibs. You can find the tutorial and pattern HERE.
Malik wearing his Liberty Bib. 
It was so simple and you use 10" x 13" inch square of fabric, so you can make a ton of these in multiple colors and styles.

I layer two pieces of fabric together, one the coordinating fabric and the terry cloth. Sewing with right sides together, flip and stitch a finished decorative stitch and you are done. Less than 30 minutes. 

This second Bib tutorial is from My friend liked this bib the best, especially for Khloe, let's just say she is a messy girl. You can find the incredibly easy to follow tutorial HERE.

Wow! With all of this practice of making bibs, someday when I become a mom I will have all this stuff mastered. :-)



  1. Darling projects, and darling babies! :)

  2. Thanks, it has been very therapeutic working with the babies.