Monday, November 7, 2011

Snuggle Sweetheart Baby Quilt

I just love baby quilts. They are a fantastic way to get your "quilt fix" and not overwhelm yourself with a ton of work.
What I find myself doing is buying those cute little bundles of fat quarters at Joann's. This one I found was pink and bubbly and I knew it had to be made into something cute for my friend Amy's baby girl Samantha. (And her 1st birthday was 11/1/11, how cool is that!)
I used two different blanket ideas and combined them together to create this Snuggle Sweetheart Baby Quilt. 
First was the Strip Baby Blanket by Summer at Sumo's Sweet Stuff. She did this amazing blanket where she sewed flannel strips together on the outside and clipped the edges to make it frilly and cute. 
Second blanket pattern was from Kate at Two Little Banshees called Fat Quarter Baby Quilt. This is where you use only six fat quarters to create the entire quilt. Not only is it quick but it is great for larger patterned fabric. 
What you need:
*6 fat quarters of coordinating flannel fabric
*Matching thread
*1 1/4 of backing flannel fabric

Following the pattern instructions I cut out the pieces from each fat quarter. What was a little confusing for me when  cutting was that I had to make sure that the 18" was along the bottom and the 22" along the side. 

 After cutting out each fat quarter I followed instructions in the pattern and laid out my pieces accordingly. 

I used one solid color of pink. On the large pink square I added an extra strip of left over fabric to the square and appliqued an "S" for Samantha to personalize the blanket. 

Selvage is on the outside, using scissors to make the fringe. Don't hit the seam. 

 When sewing the pieces together, this is where I combined the Strip Baby Blanket into the pattern. I sewed the pieces with the wrong sides together so that the selvage was facing the outside. 

Oh so snuggly fringe. 
After sewing all pieces together I snipped the selvage with scissors to make a fringe on the outside of the blanket. 

 As you can see above, it is all pieced together. Then I watched a t.v. show while snipping all the fringe before I put the backing on. 

So putting the backing on I just layered the top and bottom with wrong sides together and I pinned everything down and around the whole edge of the blanket. 

I sewed the pieces together around the edge twice to make sure that it was sturdy for baby girl Samantha. Then I trimmed the extra fabric as shown above. 

 Then in the larger squares I sewed a large "X". 

And also outlined the "S" to give it more dimension. 

This is the second blanket that I have made for Samantha. Check out Samantha's Blanket and Onesie. You can see  in the photos that she is SOOO growing up into a beautiful little girl. 

She is snuggling up to her new blanket now. What a sweetheart. 

If you have any questions, please contact me. I would love to help. 



  1. What a darling baby quilt. Well done!

  2. I have used both of these patterns, but never thought of putting them together.. what a wonderful idea! I will definitely give this a try!

  3. That is such a cute snuggly blanket. Looks so cozy!