Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vintage Sewing Pattern Organizer

I first found Cathe Holden in this months issue of "Flea Market Style." She grabbed me with her cute idea of taking an old toy and making it into a pin cushion. Laying in bed at night going through my magazine I had to get up and go to her blog and find out just how she did it.  After finding her blog I was so excited to find that she had a whole DIY section where I found this amazing project:

I just loved this project and couldn't wait to create my own. However, I really liked displaying my vintage patterns so I came up with the idea to add the pattern pockets to a stretch canvas.

But then I needed a cute background? Two of my patterns were in German, so not having any "creative attachment",  I used Mod Podge to layer the pattern pieces and the pattern instructions to the canvas. After creating the pockets, I backed each one with heavy card stock before I attached those to the canvas.

After I finished I added yellow ribbon on the outside, then looking it at the wall,  I also added vintage buttons to the corners (didn't add the buttons until after the pictures).

A lot of people really didn't want to ruin there patterns, I looked at it as you are really preserving them and displaying them so that you can see them all the time! I did make copies of the envelopes and put them in ziploc bags with the pattern pieces of the ones I wanted to keep.

Anyways this is a photo of my final project. Thank you Cathe, I am so glad I found you!

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