Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ventura HUGE Flea Market

Okay, just got back from my first HUGE flea market. I went to the R.G. Canning Ventura Flea Market. I went at seven in the morning and it was raining, a lot of people were still setting up so I took my time. 

So, I was wearing my rain boots, three shirts and a jacket. The boots were nice, but I slowly had to shed layers because the sun came out and  it warmed up quick.

Ty Pennington was shooting a new show, they had this set in the middle of the flea market. I guess it is called "The Great American Auction", really it was a fancy antique roadshow...and I don't think anyone had a British accent. They had an audience standing around who CLEARLY were not shoppers or anyone from the flea market. So I thought this picture was going to be as close I could get to Ty, WRONG. I was walking behind this stage and looking at some old seltzer bottles... at one point this man was next to me, and then I realize there was a camera...HELLO! There he was standing next to me, I just said "hello" and walked off.  He had a huge entourage following him from vendor to vendor. It was crazy.

 So here is my loot! My mom would be so proud of me because I asked a complete stranger to take this picture (I hate doing that, so I was going outside my bubble-this one is for you MOM). I found so much cool stuff, in total I spent just over $200.00 and had to take three loads to my car. I will say that it cost me $15.00 total to get in and park and another five bucks for kettle corn and drink. I spent a total of five hours roaming around and trying to take everything in.

Speaking with my mother on the phone going in, I told her that I wanted to find stuff that was inspiring...something that I was excited to go home and start creating.  Well I have a whole car of things and probably not going to sleep tonight with all the ideas that are clanging around in my brain right now.
See the Seahawk bag and Idaho plates :-)

Look at all the goodies!

This whole box of sewing goodies, including two adorable pin cushions, measuring tape, etc. 

Lance is going to KILL me, two more suitcases

Vintage dress,  I love the color

Tool box and measuring tape, will come in handy right away

I scored three more vintage patters, buttons,  lace and velvet trimmings. All items are being held in an old sewing drawer that I scored for free when I made a purchase.

 Okay, I really wish Lance was home more often so that I could cook more. I found all of these great pieces. All of the bowls and cups are my favorite "Fire King".
Some guy stuff, a lineman tool bag for Lance and a old baseball photo for dad

These are so adorable! Will look great in my kitchen. 

 Okay, I am obsessed with vintage linens. Up above I purchased five table clothes, one came with matching napkins. Two vintage wash clothes and a yellow apron. The apron was only five dollars and I want to use it for the pattern. I love the pink, green, and blue floral one, that one was my most expensive item today, $25.00.
This was five dollars- Madre is going to flip. 

This is made out of flannel, I think I will quilt something on the other side for Madre? Love the colors.


  1. I am so glad you went out and had a great day, you deserve it! I am just flippin! Wish I were with ya!
    Love mom

  2. I'm so jealous! Looks like you had a fantastic time. Next time I would love to go with you!
    <3 Rocky