Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Thanksgiving 2011, Centerpiece Tutorial

You can make this centerpiece, instructions below.

Hannah Nachant, the photographer
 Happy Thanksgiving!

Greg and Hannah. 
Gobble, gobble
This year we were invited to join our friends Hannah and Gregory to there Thanksgiving.*Lucky us!

Another beautiful Hannah photo

Greg deep fried two turkey's with all the fixings to match, including the wine. It was a delicious meal with great conversation and friends.

Great family photograph taken by Hannah. 
 The Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tutorial
Going over to someones house as a guest, I certainly didn't want to go empty handed. We were bringing an extra table, so what better than a centerpiece.  

What you will need:
  • Four small pumpkins
  • One medium pumpkin
  • 14" grapevine wreath
  • 6" Fall Floral plant to fit into medium pumpkin
  • Plastic floral flowers/leaves
  • Floral wire
  • sharpie marker
  • Drill with 1/2 drill bit

First take all four small pumpkins and cut a circle around the top of each so that you can remove the tops. 

Scoop out all the seeds and goop of the pumpkins so that they are nice and clean. 

Make marks for wire.
Drill into each X. 

Mark the bottom of all four pumpkins with two X's. This is where the wire is going to go through the pumpkin to attach to the grapevine wreath.  Drill a hole through each X. 

Cut the floral wire about 16" long to go through the pumpkin and attach to the grapevine wreath. See photo below. 
Then using some fall floral and leaves just push into the grapevine wreath into place. 

 Then take the medium size pumpkin, cut off the top and clean out. Place the small 6" plant on the inside of the pumpkin. 

Place the pumpkin and plant in the center of the wreath. Then I recommend the battery operated tea lights to place in the small four pumpkins. 
Voila, Fall Thanksgiving centerpiece. 
Vegetable Tian

 Bringing the centerpiece I also made a Vegetable Tian, a recipe that I found This was an excellent easy and fast vegetable dish that smelled so good when in the oven and is much better tasting than the boring "green bean casserole". 

Overall, it was a memorable Thanksgiving with the food and friends. Can't thank Greg and Hannah enough for the wonderful hospitality. 

As Hannah would say, I matched the decor. 

 Eat, Drink, and be Merry.

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