Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Hostess Apron Giveaway

WIN this festive hostess apron. 
 After attending the SoCal Social this past weekend. One of the wonderful shops that we stopped at and then had a cocktail party later was Heavenly Hostess

Cynthia Wadell, our host and founder of Heavenly Hostess was a true inspiration at the cocktail party she gave after our event. With games, martini's and giveaways as we walked through the door, I couldn't help but be amazed that she was bringing the 1950's housewife glamour back to a time when we find ourselves entertaining more at home.

What I think is misunderstood about aprons is that they are a lot like shoes. Some we wear everyday, some we can get dirty and a special one that we wear to impress. 

One of my favorites, I was sad when I sold it. 
 Half Aprons are cute as they are versatile. I find that a lot of women wear these when cleaning around the house or cooking in the kitchen. 

My mother, a first grade teacher, wears one everyday in her class room.  Adding pockets make it easy to drop in pencils, stickers or candy. (*Perfect teacher gift around the holidays!)

Half aprons are just half the size of a full apron. Some can sit higher on the waist so that when cooking it covers the bottom portion of your shirt. 
One of my midnight "ah Ha!" moments happened when I thought to sew "Hot Pads" into the pockets of my aprons. How frustrating is it when that beeping won't stop and you are searching for the hot pads. VOILA! Hands in the pockets and just pull that pie out of the oven.  You can check out my "Hot Pad" aprons in my Etsy shop

Hot Pads built into the apron, works also around the bbq. 
Used a vintage tablecloth to create this one. 

 Full Aprons fit the whole front of the body. 

These can vary into the ones you give your husband that say "Kiss the Cook" or the ones little ones wear when finger painting. Cooking aprons that have stains or those large plastic aprons you see fishermen wear. 

Now they come in styles that make the chest area go "HELLO, Here to COOK" and ones that even look like Disney Princess characters. 

Here is one of the only full aprons that I have made in a previous posting using a pre-cut "jelly roll". Check out how to make this "Antropologie" Knock Off Apron

Here is the Giveaway!

Win This Hostess Apron
Hostess Aprons are the "little black dresses" of the apron world. Don't you DARE cook in these ones. They are the ones that can cost up to $100.00 and can be made with fine fabrics and often look like a prom dress with taffeta and sparkles. Other versions, such as around the holidays, are a little simpler and are often match an outfit or theme and worn by the person hosting the party. 

So I want you to look fabulous this Halloween. Whether you are handing out candy or hosting a little get together. Look fantastic wearing this little hostess apron. 
To Enter:

-Entry No. 1 MANDATORY
Leave a comment letting me know how you follow.

-Entry No. 2
Leave a comment if you are a Public Google Friend Connect follower.

-Entry No. 3
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I will announce the winner on October 18th, which is my ONE YEAR Anniversary of my shop opening. I would like to have at least 20 comments for there to be a winner.  Best of Luck to you.

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